About Gráinne Cleary

I am a wildlife ecologist based in Melbourne. My primary area of interest is working with the public to gain the best conservation outcomes for urban wildlife. I am particularly interested in how we interact with wildlife in our gardens. As Australia becomes more urbanised, gardens are becoming an important sanctuary for our wildlife. 

I recently had a book published, Your Backyard Birds, that is based around bird stories sent to me by the public. The stories often asked the question; do birds have a personality? I combine science with the behaviour of the birds from these stories to help answer this question! For more information of the book and where you can buy it visit the Your Backyard Birds section.   

I am currently writing a second book on how we interact with the wildlife that lives around us. As with Your Backyard Birds, I will be using stories from the public in my narrative. If you have a story about encounter with our urban wildlife and would like to share it with me, please do so by filling out the contact box below. 

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