Wildlife Ecologist, Author & Broadcaster

I am a wildlife ecologist based in Melbourne. My primary area of interest is working with the public to gain the best conservation outcomes for our urban wildlife. I am particularly interested in how we interact with the birds that visit our gardens. As Australia becomes more urbanised, gardens are becoming an important sanctuary for our birds and indeed animals. 

We need to protect this country and its wildlife. What would Australia be without its magnificent parrots, cockatoos, magpies, and kookaburras? Our songbirds and parrots/cockatoos are some of the best in the world. Common birds such as magpies, and galahs can provide hours of entertainment as they splash about in the birdbath! 

In our urban areas, we need to ensure our birds and their habitats are protected. Urban conservation is getting more important as we lose vital habitats. Without urban trees, birds will start to disappear as they fail to breed. We can’t let this happen! Our birds are bleeding amazing and drive our curiosity as look at them and wonder, why do birds do that!? 

My second book, Why Do Birds Do That? has been published and you can buy a copy here.

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